Numerological Day Analysis 15-3-2018

“If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality” Norman Cousins

15-3-2018     20/2 Immortality/ Intuition or Doubt

Spirit:   15 Balance, Cross-Fertilization

Soul:      3 Will to change, Overcoming of polarity; Conscious Decision

Body:   18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 20, Immortality. This you want to achieve through your spirit’s balance and cross-fertilization, your soul’s Will and your physical temptation. So basically you are on a quest today to find out what immortality means and if there is something in you that is immortal. The quote of Norman Cousins points in an interesting direction, especially when you connect it with todays spirit energy of cross-fertilization.

Three themes support this quest:  the Expansion of Self-Awareness, Relationships and Change.

The expansion of Self-awareness today has the dynamic of relationships. Through your relationships you want to expand your self-awareness and perhaps find the “immortal part” in you.  It works through blessing everything you encounter, which may not always be easy to do.

On the theme of relationships you want to willfully create the highest form of relationships. This will not be without pitfalls. It will take a clear focus on what you hold on to in your relationship and what you let go of.

The theme of change and transformation is in the spotlight and again concerns the relationships. Maybe you want to force change in your relationships, in stead of letting it evolve and transform naturally. The caterpillar cannot force its way into a butterfly… Be flexible and dance with the challenge.

Spiritual, emotional and physical awareness are high and support the process. Spiritually there is strong divine guidance on where to go, which you emotionally and physically want to experience by testing the limits of life in every possible form.

May you have many immortal moments with others!