Numerological Day Analysis 14-6-2018

14-6-2018 22/4 Mystic

Spirit:  14 Charity

Soul:     6 Male drive, Yang, life force, sexuality

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 22: Mystic. You want to get to your inner mystic through your spirit’s charity, your soul’s masculine (sexual) life force  and your physical temptation. So it takes charity, masculine sexual life force and temptation to find your inner Mystic….

Leadership and Relationships are the two major themes of the day. Something is happening there!

In your leadership you are aiming for the light and the dark experience: going through your inner darkness to see the light of a brand new day. Let your leadership be charitable and with great love and you will succeed.

In relationships you are aiming for wise renewal. This may mean a break-up  or redefining your relationship.

High mental awareness supports this voyage. Interestingly enough its main energy amounts to intuitively living out your inner high priestess (of Eros) and to persevere in your feminine qualities. In combination with your strong inspiration today, it also gives your this magical aura of vitality and  (erotic) charisma. The “avant-gardist” is active in you today as well – just like yesterday!

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