Numerological Day Analysis 14-2-2018

„Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity”  George Bernard Shaw

14-2-2018 18/9  Temptation

Spirit:  14 Charity, God’s building block

Soul:     2 Duality, Intuition or Doubt, Separation or Connection

Body:  18 Temptation

The overall vibration of the day is Temptation, in synchronicity with the energy of the year. Temptation means that you go to the max of your comfort zone and see what the high road of further development (as represented by the sum of 18 being 9: wisdom, intelligence) or is it the lower road of material gain, hedonism and pleasure. Let charity and intuition be your guide.


It is expressed today in the two major themes: Leadership and relationships (!!). Your leadership is challenged to take the hero’s journey: going through your inner darkness to experience the light of the new day. Your relationship(s) is looking for a wise re-birth, renewal…tempting…


Emotional and spiritual awareness are high today, focussing on bringing out the ‘priestess’ energy in you, with a strong emphasis on cosmic love! The persevering feminine in action!

So Happy Temptation time 🙂