NumeroLogical Day Analysis 14-10-2018 "Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty"

Treat those who are good with goodness, and also treat those who are not good with goodness. Thus goodness is attained. Be honest to those who are honest, and be also honest to those who are not honest. Thus honesty is attained”. Lao Tzu

14–10-2018 17/8 Goodness,Benevolence, Humility and Beauty

Spirit:  14 Charity

Soul:    10 Transformation, Transition

Body:   18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 17 : Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty. You want to achieve that through your spirit’s Charity, your soul’s Transformation and your physical Temptation.  It may seem simple, but when you read Lao Tzu’s quote you will understand how difficult it can be.

Especially so as Temptation is double strong today. Not only is it present in the year energy (18 in 2018) but it is also present in the pentagram (blue-red 18 on top) Remember that 18 is also 2×9. ‘9’ being wisdom, intelligence and communication. So true temptation is wise, intelligent and communicative. See it as the seduction we see around us in nature, always aiming at creating new life. Let that be your aim in your leadership today: creating new life through temptation.

You have one major theme today and it is on Relationships. It’s goal – surprise, surprise- is to expand unconditional love in your relationship(s). You have revolutionary ideas and at the same you want achieve full emotional consonance. Let your inner sense of love be the guide. Always remember that to love is smarter than to be right.

You are being supported by high emotional awareness. You very strong insights and you intuitively want to – and have to –  stand in the middle of attention. You have something to show the world and you need to show it!

There is triple emphasis on your work and setting your goals right. With the 41 (blue-red) you will be able to manifest almost anything you set yourself too. Be aware that you will have the tendency to set very high goals, which you will be able to reach- but that the road towards that endgoal is very narrow and steep. Take good care! Being benevolent, humble and good might just be the right attitude to achieve your high goals.

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