Numerological Day Analysis 13-5-2019 21/3 'Insight'

“Knowing many things does not teach insight,” Heraclitus

13-5-2019 21/3 insight

Spirit: 13 Renewal, Rebirth

Soul: 5 Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation; Adventure;Life Fulfilment; Freedom; Order

Body: 19 healer factor

The grand total of today 21: Insight. You want to gain insight through the renewal of your spirit, the expansion of your soul, and your physical healing. Getting from knowledge to insight is a difficult process. It calls for the willingness to constantly renew oneself, to be born again and again.

Noteworthy in todays Pentagram is that all the external (masculine) points are active. Three of five even with double numbers (blue-red). It indicates that today is a day where your attention goes outward, you want to ‘penetrate the world’ with your inspirational renewal, your free will, your physical vitality, your Rulership and your universal skills. Make sure you also take time to let the outside world in, to balance all that outgoing force you have.

Your mental awareness is very high today, which may or may not help you to bring your knowledge to insight. It may block you and keep you in the mental world. If you are able to let ‘the inspiration of renewal or re-birth’ in, knowledge may be turned into insight. With your mental awareness you want to be the shining star of attention, combined with your inspiration it turns to the highest expression of your free will.

Your physical awareness is also high today, giving you a grounded feeling. When fully opened it will give you this feminine erotic aura, quite handy for attracting attention. Combined with your inspiration it gives you a very strong magic vitality, a very high merging of the human mind with the physical body.

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