Numerological Day Analysis 13-3-2018

„Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity” George Bernard Shaw

13-3-2018  18/9 Temptation; Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication

Spirit:  13 Renewal, Construction, Re-Birth

Soul:     3 Will to change, Overcoming of polarity; Conscious Decision

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 18 Temptation, as is the number on the physical level (body). So double temptation today! You want to work with this temptation  in your life through your spirit’s ability to renew and re-birth itself, your soul’s Will and your physical Temptation. So basically by using your will to listen to your physical temptation you bring about a renewal of spirit. How tempting is that?

This quest for temptation is powered by to major themes: the theme of relationships and the theme of change (what else?)

On the theme of relationships you want to renew or re-birth your relationship with wisdom. You have double inspiration and double willpower to drive this renewal. There is also the receptivity of the feminine. The challenge here lies in marrying the feminine sexual power with the masculine sexual power. Not an easy road and it will require a lot of wisdom.

On the theme of change the challenge lies in developing a love relationship that transforms the both of you. Going from caterpillar to butterfly, which is something the ego doesn’t quite like. So be prepared for a rocky road here.

Luckily inspiration is high (double 1’s on top). Keep looking for inspiration in this tempting process!