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NumeroLogical Day Analysis 13-2-2019 18/9 ‘Temptation’

„ A life spent resisting temptations is a wasted life” Paolo Coelho

13-2-2019 18/9 ‘Temptation’

Spirit: 13 Renewal, Re-Birth

Soul: 2 Duality, Intuition or Doubt

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 18: Temptation. You want to experience the power of Temptation through your spirit’s re-birth, your soul’s intuition and your physical healing. Resisting temptation deprives you of re-birthing, of intuition and of physical healing. Better follow Paolo Coelho’s advice…..

To help you navigate the treacherous waters of temptation, the major theme of today is Focus-Fate. It is guided by the expansion of your self-awareness, or in other words: how much are you aware of your own processes, of your own conditioning when you make choices in life? With the axis of Focus-Fate being active today, you must choose today between what you will hold on to and what you need to let go of. You know when you have taken the right decision when you can feel that it is the highest expression of your free will.

You are being supported by high mental awareness today, it wants to bring out the high priest(ess) of Love in you. You will be opening up for guidance from a higher level (Universe, God).

Overseeing it all is the healer in you, with double inspiration.

May Temptation bring you Love and Healing!

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