NumeroLogical Day Analysis 12-1-2019 16/7 'Perseverance'

Champions are those who get up even when they cannot….Geoff Hobbs

12-1-2019 16/7 Perseverance

Spirit: 12 Perfection, Completion

Soul: 1 God’s number; Inspiration, Ideas, Ability to lead.

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 16: Perseverance. You want to express your perseverance through your spirit’s perfection, your soul’s inspiration and your physical healing. Perseverance here is defined as an expression of spiritual perfection and soul inspiration (heart energy). It is not difficult to see that when those two qualities are awake in you, you become a champion who gets up even when he can’t…

With the 16/7 energy today, comes the “Ruler-Judge” Pentagram. The central axis of the Pentagram (blue 111 – red 2) is present, indicating that your leadership is the theme today. Today you have to Rule, you have to be the Judge. Will it be a benign one, acting out of unconditional love or will it be the harsh, judging one, acting out of a need for love? You have triple inspiration at the top for it, and intuition on the base, you need to access your self-awareness and your masculine (sexual) physical life-force, to make full use of this very important axis.

Your mental awareness is very high today. Firmly rooted in wisdom and intelligence. It aims for testing and questioning the limits of life in a very intuitive manner. With the strong inspiration energy of today, it gives you this very strong ‘mental’ approach. Make sure you ‘ground’ all that energy as well. Your high sense of justice may be a good way to ground your mental energy.

Be a champion today!