Numerological Day Analysis 11-6-2019 20/2 Immortality

„Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal” Arthur Schopenhauer

11–6-2019 20/2 ‘Immortality’

Spirit: 11 Master Number; Inventiveness; Richness of Ideas; Divine Ideas
Soul: 6 Male drive, Yang, life force, sexuality

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 20: Immortality. You want to know what immortality is about through your spirit’s mastery, your soul’s life power and your physical healing. Knowing what is immortal in you is a deep spiritual question. Especially when change comes upon you unexpectedly you get to ask yourself this question, especially when you think the change is life threatening. Embrace the change and find the immortal in you.

Finding the immortal in you today is energized by two major themes (axis in the pentagram) just like yesterday. This time it is the axis of ‘Self-Aware Leadership’ and the axis of ‘Awakening Change’ (change driven by inner awakening) Not easy to do.

On the axis of ‘Self-Aware Leadership’ the aim is to show the Ruler, the Judge in you. Will it be a benign one, acting out of unconditional love or will it be the harsh, judging one, acting out of a need for love? You have triple inspiration and the masculine (sexual) life-energy for it. Access your intuition and your sense of “I am” and the Ruler in you stands up.

On the axis of ‘Awakening Change’, your inner awakening drives the change. You want to find vitality and the next level of relating to others through change. You need to let the chaos in and at the same time develop your sense of order, expansion, fullness and adventure to reap the full harvest of this change.

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