Numerological Day Analysis 11-6-2018

“You are all things. Denying, rejecting, judging or hiding from any aspect of your total being creates pain and results in a lack of wholeness”. Joy Page

11-6-2018 19/10  Healing factor/ Transformation

Spirit:  11 Master number, Genius or Madness

Soul:    6 Male drive, Yang, life force, sexuality

Body:  18 Temptation

So the total vibration of the day is 19: Healing. You want to achieve that through your spirit’s mastery, your soul’s masculine (sexual) life force and your physical temptation. It takes mastery, life force and temptation to reach healing and transformation.

Two major themes today: leadership (vertical blue line) and the expansion of self-awareness (red line)

Your leadership aims at leadership through vitality-physical presence-life force. Your sheer appearance, the strength of your charisma gives you the leadership. You need to be very flexible and open to change to make it happen.

Your expansion of self-awareness aims at finding your inner justice- this place inside you where you just know what is right, irrespective of what others say or what the current rules and regulations of society are…The power of persistence is present, the power of self-awareness needs to be developed (Asking yourself the questions: Who am I? Why am I? What am I? )

Feminine awareness is high today. So sing, dance, love and connect.

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