Numerological Day Analysis 11-5-2018

„Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity” George Bernard Shaw

11-5-2018 18/9 Temptation/ Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication

Spirit:  11 Mastery, Genius or Madness

Soul:     5 Expansion, Fullness, Inner Motivation, Freedom

Body:  18 Temptation

So the total vibration of the day is 18: Temptation. You want to achieve that through your spirit’s mastery, your soul’s longing for expansion, fulfillment and freedom and your physical temptation. So both the year energy as the day’s energy has to do with Temptation…No wonder it takes your spirit’s mastery to navigate through those treacherous waters 🙂

Two major themes today: relationships and change.

You want to renew or re-birth your relationship in a very wise, communicative way. Use your triple inspiration (three red 1’s) and your feminine touch, to make that happen. The challenges are that you have to: 1.take conscious decisions to do something about it, and 2. live out your sexuality.

Change will occur today with the test  if you can handle the change out of unconditional love. The pitfall would be to handle the change from a place of ‘needing’ love. Taking conscious decisions and allowing the chaos to come in, will be the challenge.

Physical awareness is high. You have both feet firmly on the ground, planted in expansion and freedom. It may give you an aura of sensuality enabling you to manifest very divine ideas. The ‘upside’ of Temptation?

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