NumeroLogical Day Analysis 11-11-2018 15/6 "Balance & Cross-Fertillization"

„Neither sex, without some fertilization of the complimentary characters of the other, is capable of the highest reaches of human endeavor” Jean-Paul Sartre

11-11-2018  15/6  Balance, Cross-Fertilization

Spirit:  11 Master number, Inventiveness, Genius or Madness

Soul:   11 Master number, Inventiveness, Genius or Madness

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 15: Balance, Cross-Fertilization. You want to balance yourself through your spirit’s and your soul’s mastery and your bodily temptation. Mastery is the theme today, both as the number of the day and as the number of the month. Mastery goes beyond being good at something. It means that in whatever you do, you put in your identity, your creativity. It may bring out the Genius in you or it may drive you stark raving mad.

Two major themes today: leadership and relationships. Each one of them with a theme that encompasses mastery.

On the leadership it is the mastery of your life: realizing that you are the co-creator of your life. Note well that you have five-fold !! Inspiration today. Ideas abound, for every idea you can come up with five different versions. Magic!. To reap the full benefit access your masculine (sexual) life-energy.

On the relationships the mastery of relationship: finding the right balance and cross-fertilization between you and the other, without anyone giving up on him/herself.

Quite a challenging day…may you fertilize and be fertilized!