Numerological Day Analysis 11-1-2018

11-1-2018  14/5 Charity/ Expansion, Fullness, Freedom

Spirit:  11 Master number, Inventiveness, Genius or Madness

Soul:    1 Unity, Inspiration, Leadership

Body:  18 Temptation

Charity is difficult for most people. It is tempting to give something away and call it charity. True charity however involves the heart and is a true gift. True charity also means that you are open for receiving gifts. Mastery and leadership here means that you maintain a balance between giving and receiving.

No axis’ today, but four blue 1’s on top and four red 1’s on the 7th spot. So inspiration and leadership is very strong. It wants to manifest balance and cross-fertilization as well as strong practical visions.

This process is supported by high emotional awareness. (allow yourself to feel what is happening to you). Its goal is to help you transform to a new beginning.  Pay attention to your intuition and allow your femininity to blossom. It will then bring you amazingly powerful new insights.