Numerological Day Analysis 10-4-2018

Nothing is impossible” Ger van de Moosdijk

10- 4-2018 16/7 Perseverance, Assertiveness /Self-Awareness, Sun

Spirit:  10 Transformation, Transition

Soul:    4 Physical Realization, Matter, Daily Life

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 16: Perseverance. You want to achieve that through your spirit’s transformation, your soul desire for physical realization and your physical temptation.  So perhaps the clue to perseverance lies in manifesting your transformation through physical temptation…Does not that give a very interesting view on Temptation?

Change – transformation is the major theme today. You have double inspiration on what to transform, as well as the necessary acces to the chaos. All it takes now is finding your inner order of growth and your life-energy to make it happen. Once you vitality goes up, you know you have hit the sweet spot of transformation-change.

Spiritual and emotional awareness are high today. Spiritually aiming at intuitively testing the limits of life and getting answers on your own immortality. Emotionally aiming at intuitively understanding that you are god and that you have this fulfilling god-power in you. The challenge will be to manifest it and not hold back, whilst working with chaos in you and this deep sense of responsibility for the karma of this world.

May perseverance be with you…

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