Numerological Day Analysis 10-1-2018

„Sometimes renewal comes in surrender” Rob Bell

10-1-2018 13/4  Renewal, Re-Birth/ Manifestation, Matter

Spirit: 10 Transformation, Transition

Soul:    1 Unity, Inspiration, Leadership

Body: 18 Temptation

A nice explanation on to create renewal or re-birth. Starting with being tempted off your current position, through inspiration and leadership create a transition or even a transformation. Et voilà the re-birth is there! Quite a powerful day!

No axis’ today. The Pentagram is all about one’s and eight’s. The triple blue one’s indicate a lot of inspiration for this day. It may drive you almost crazy at times. The challenge lies in manifesting these inspirations in a charitable way.

Physical awareness is high today, focussing on bringing alive the (erotic) high priestess in you, manifesting the divine connection and persisting in the feminine.

In addition feminine awareness is also very strong today. Surrender to this life-giving force and receive, dance, sing. The challenge lies in finding the salvation that lies in conquering polarity.

May surrender lead you to the next level…

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