Numerological Day Analysis 1–9-2019 22/4 “Mystic”

“Mystics are people who rediscover experience” Brad Blanton

Spirit:  1 God’s number; Inspiration, Ideas, Ability to lead.
Soul: 9 Wisdom; Intelligence; Communication; Sensitiveness

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 22: Mystic. Through your spirit’s inspiration, your soul’s wisdom and your physical healing you want to experience your inner mystic. Mystics are people who rediscover experience, Blanton says. Experience beats concepts, theories, religions.

The central theme for your mysticism today is your Leadership. Leadership defined as:  the way you lead yourself and others through whatever leads you. The leadership theme today is that of the Messiah factor:  specifically Christ’s resurrection after death. It deals with facing your inner Darkness to see the light of a new day. Avoiding Darkness doesn’t bring you mystical experiences. Facing  your doubts, worries, fears and going through them however does bring you mystical experiences. The inspiration and the wisdom is there, you need to access your power of manifestation and your (sexual) life-force to make it happen. Being charitable today just might be a good start.

Your inspiration and your wisdom is very strong today, also supporting your more receptive side. Take care that you don’t give yourself away.

May you have many mystical experiences today.

See you in:

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Istanbul October 9-13!