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Numerological analysis for the year 2021





A year to let us expand, whilst being in contact with the higher order of things. Where we are able to feel the fullness of life and to connect to our inner motivation, bringing us adventure and a deep sense of Freedom.

A year to balance our relationship with the outer and the inner world, to make sure that what we give also results into something that we receive. The principle of cross-fertilization as our guiding principle. It will create this deep feeling of power, physical life energy in us and connect us with our sexuality and our ability to create.

The result of all this being that we start to understand where our “life” finds its origin in the primordial chaos, the great creator of everything and that is our purpose to bring that immortal energy into physical being.

By the Numbers: 2021

2021 = 20-21: Insight guiding you to understand Immortality.

21 Insight; Inner rising sun

3×7/5th /4th Prime

1 the Divine Idea energizes the 2, the World in which Polarity rules. The 21 should understand that the divine core is within him/ herself. That leads to understanding and experiencing the Inner Rising Sun (the Dawn of Awareness – Consciousness).

Often 21 entails problems with the father (or a father figure).

21 means to possess a natural ability to lead. Women with a 21 intermediate number often tend to feel themselves more “masculine’.

3×7: Conscious Decision to develop and live one’s Self-aware- ness.

1 behind 2: see first paragraph above.
Sum 3: the goal is to experience the joy of Taking Decisions (3).

20 Immortality; Eternal life

2×10; 4×5/4th  Prime.

2-0 is the spiritual level in the Pentagram, which lies above Mind-Reason level (see chapter 4). He who is able to think beyond Reason or Mind, experiences in the 20 the contact between the material world and the spiritual world and knows that Life never ends, it only constantly changes.

2×10: 2 is amongst others the spiritual condition for Life (Life originates by division – the cell divides itself) and 0 ends a cycle of 10.

4×5: The Pragmatic Way (4) into Life Fulfilment (5).

0 behind 2: Whenever a 0 appears behind a number, it means, that the previous cycle (here 10-19) has come to an end and something completely new starts. You start from scratch, zero…

Sum 2: Use Intuition (2) or Doubt forever (2).


2021 = 43×47: 43 Horus factor; Pioneer joined with 47 Insight and Karma

43 Horus factor; Pioneer

15th Prime Rank + Prime: 12th + 31

In the Egyptian Mythology, Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. He represents pioneering achievements. (As an adult he defeated his uncle and adversary of his father Seth in a duel and wins the reign of Egypt. Because of this the Pharaohs were seen as embodiments of Horus). In Greek mythology Horus is Apollo (Lord of the light, the spring, moral purity and moderation).

Thus 43 embodies a pioneering and well-balanced personality.

15th prime: the content of the 43 is the Perfect Balance between Giving and Receiving/ Taking.

3 behind 4: The Decision taken (3) penetrates Matter, the Realization (4).

Sum 7: Prerequisite for this to happen is Self-Awareness.

47 Insight and Karma

16th Prime

The Sun (7) lightens and warms the cold, empty Space (4). The awakened Self-awareness (7) then helps to deal with Matter (4) wisely.

Sum 2 over 11 (4+7): Dealing with Polarity (2) in a Masterly (11) Manner. The danger to Dissipate (2) in the Wealth of Ideas (11).

The 47 contains a lot of Perseverance and Assertiveness, as the rank of the prime is 16 (central axis in the Pentagram).


By the Pentagram


2021 has a zero in the year, hence we call it a “Transformation” year, like last year. It gives three different core vibration numbers: 5, 6 and the sum of those two: 2 (5+6=11 1+2=2)

5 Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation;Life Fulfilment; Adventure; Freedom; Order

15/6 Balance, Cross-Fertilization/ 6 Power; Male Drive; Yang; Life force; Sexuality

Mix type 2: 2 The first Split; Duality; Intuition or Doubt; The world of Polarity; Illusionary Field; Separation; Dissipation


First Pentagram: 5 Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation; Life Fulfilment; Adventure; Freedom; Order



Two major themes: “Awakening and Leadership” and “Expansion of Self-Awareness”

Blue 1-Red 0:

The axis of change drives the axis of inner awakening and leadership. Change- the only constant in this universe- is going to be our constant pressure to wake up and how to lead and inspire people. The two opposing principles are Balance and Cross-Fertilization coming from the “God” realm and the energy of ‘God in the world” (the manifestation of the Divine in the world) coming from the “Ego” realm.

Balance and Cross-fertilization

It means that we must be aware to receive as much as we give. It should be a perfect 50/50 balance, otherwise we end up in the Helper Syndrome. With this energy coming from the ‘God’ realm this is easy to understand, as in the Universe everything eventually balances out and nothing gets lost. We live thanks to cross-fertilization, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

God in the world; Spiritual Child 

It means that the world in which we live, is in all its aspects, be it spiritual, mental, emotional or physical is an expression of God or the Divine. It is the energy that makes us ‘alive’. A ‘0’ always creates unrest and with it comes the great power for transformation. The 60 here in the 15 Pentagram invites us to let that energy flow fully into our life and through us to others as well. It is an extremely powerful at this spot, which may overwhelm us. Hence the importance to connect with the 15 on top: make sure you use this transformative life-energy in a balanced and cross-fertilizing way.

The balance of these two principles lies in their sum: Awareness of Vitality; Power.  It is the desire for fulness, justice, holiness and inner order that wants to develop the self-awareness. It is also the energy of Dominance, Rule (Power!), Dogmatic Faith and Outer Fame. This power as such does not have to be negative. It calls for balancing it and using it for cross-fertilization.

The positive leadership coming from this central axis is to lead through vitality-change and cross-fertilization. Our whole presence radiates change. When we have full access to this axis, we lead by vitality, by charisma, by energy. Literally ‘being’ the change through energy.

On the negative side our leadership may become very manipulative.

Blue 22- Red 1 Axis of Expansion of Self-Awareness

The axis of inner awakening and leadership drives the axis of the expansion of self-awareness. The challenge is to answer the quintessential question: “WHO AM I?’ As it is the second dominant axis in the Pentagram after the central axis, it is imperative in the 15 Pentagram that we work on the expansion of our self-awareness. The two opposing principles are the ‘Healing and Salvation number’ coming from the spiritual level to join with the ‘Visionary’ coming from the physical level. Working on the expansion of our self-awareness brings healing and salvation on the spiritual level which could translate into visionary powers on the physical level. Remember that the 2-7 axis is also called the psycho-somatic axis. If we fail or refuse to work on our self-awareness, it will have its effects on the physical body. Either making us feel depressed and without energy or even allow illnesses to grow.

Healing and Salvation number

Positively our Power -Force drives our Intuition and creates healing and salvation. Negatively it may shatter our intuition completely. The earthly-physical power may at times not accord at all with intuition on the spiritual level. It is a difficult number to live. The solution lies in its sum: When we use the feminine receptive side of us, we may be able to bring those two principles together.


‘Visionary’ is the higher dimension of ‘Insight, the Inner Rising Sun, the new dawn of awareness’. Being the visionary, we start to understand -on a physical level here- the spiritual relationships and their origins.

The balance of these two principles lies in their sum: ‘Factor of Justice; Master’. It is the turnaround of the Ruler/Judge energy and it demands that Self-Awareness guides the Mind. Being a “Master” means having the awareness of being the Co-Creator of one’s own life. It has at its core the healing and salvation part of this axis.

Remember that there is no scientific all-encompassing answer as to Who or What or Why you are. In itself it is a Zen Koan and only you know if you have found the right answer. You do when you the answer resonates with your deep inner feeling of Justice and Mastery.

Levels of awareness’

The spiritual awareness is high. It is obtained through ‘Healing and Salvation’ combined with ‘Harshness of Life’.

It gives the awareness to intuitively live our Divine Sexuality. When we doubt our Divine Sexuality, it may turn into a rigid frame of mind around ethics and morals, stifling our life energy. The level also gives us the awareness of expanding healing and salvation as well as transformative renewal.


Our spiritual awareness is further enhanced this by the connection to the 1st principle. It wants us to expand our serving, healing and aiding of others and ourself, with mastery and power at its core.

Our spiritual awareness in connection to the 6th principle brings out the “Avant-Gardist” in us. The goal is to bring out the ‘Transformative Healer-Factor’ in us, to let our Relationships Expand and to intuit the (descending) Prophet in us.


Second Pentagram

15/6 Balance, Cross-Fertilization/ 6 Power; Male Drive; Yang; Life force; Sexuality





Three major themes underline this process: ‘Leadership and Awakening ‘Expansion of Self-Awareness’ and Change-Transformation. All the axis in the “16” Pentagram are driven by their own theme. It is about truly ‘Mastering’ those themes.

Axis of Awakening and Leadership: Blue 1-Red 1

The axis of awakening and leadership drives the axis of awakening and leadership. There is no escaping here! We have to show up, become awake and lead!

The two opposing principles are ‘Perseverance’ coming from the “God” realm to join with ‘Transformation’ coming from the “Ego” realm. Especially this axis is about transmuting divine energy into “life” or “being born” energy.

‘Perseverance’ corresponds with the 1-6 axis, the only vertical axis in the Pentagram. It represents “our spine” our ability to stand up straight, our connection to the Divine. The essence of Creation is contained in it: From the Spiritual Cause or Origin (1) into the Power of Realisation-Aliveness (6). There should be no separation between ‘above’ and ‘below’. It is the Divine Will to manifest Itself.

‘Transformation’ is the place where the Divine Energy transforms itself into human “aliveness’. Vice versa it means that from a fact oriented human being, who only believes what he or she can touch, hear, smell or see we transform to someone with the awareness how we are intended to be as spiritual beings.

The balance of these two principles lies in Revelation, the Osiris factor. We understand that we are the Co-Creator of our own lives – and in no sense victim or helpless. It invites us to take full responsibility or ‘ability to respond’ to whatever happens. Life may throw challenges at us, even when we have not asked for it. We have the ability to decide how to respond to those challenges.

Axis of the Expansion of Self-Awareness: Blue 22- Red 22:

The expansion of self-awareness drives the expansion of self-awareness. Either we dive very deep into finding the answer to the quintessential question of WHO AM I? or we lock ourself up in the physical and material world. The two opposing principles are ‘Spiritual Insight’ coming from the spiritual level to join with the ‘Golden Mean’, the ‘Divine Ratio’ coming from the physical level.

Spiritual Insight’ gives a strong confrontation between the Actual Life and the Illusionary Realm. The Soul wants to grow and develop. When it is obstructed by attachment to the Physical Realm and Mind, and the Soul is not allowed to grow, it will start to “cry”. Then the axis of the Expansion of Self-Consciousness turns into the Psychosomatic axis – meaning learning through (bodily) pain.

On the physical level we try to create the Divine Ratio or Golden Mean. This particular ratio that we see all around us in nature and when applied to buildings, music and art gives us this harmonious feeling. If we do not allow ourselves to follow our Intuition to give us the Self-Awareness but we start to doubt, then we break down our Self-Awareness and create exactly the psycho-somatic reaction mentioned earlier.

The balance of these two principles lies in finding our Inner Gold. ’Inner Gold’ is the wisdom that appears once we conquer the ‘Cold Intelligence’. It feels like gold, it looks like gold.

The axis of Change and Transformation: Red 0- Blue 0

The axis of change and transformation is driven by the axis of change and transformation. Guess what is going to happen? Transformation whether we like it or not. With that being the case, it might be wiser to drive our change ourselves than to wait and let it happen to us. The challenge here is to be the change we want to see. The two opposing principles are ‘Review of Life’s orientation’ coming from the physical level to join with ‘Final Transformation’ coming from the spiritual level.

Review of Life’s orientation. From the age of 50 onwards it is time for an essential change in the attitude towards life: Things that used to be important, become less important and new things enter life. The creative chaos constantly disrupts our own inner order. It is a true test of life, as from 50 onwards an obligation to change occurs, an obligation to develop we from a pure materialistic way of thinking into more spiritually aware persons.

Final Transformation. In the final transformation it is imperative to understand that the “Order influences the Chaos”. It is where we take the conscious decision to use our free will, whilst accepting whatever consequences that may bring. So physically we start to question ourself: what is life all about? Is it about our material, emotional or mental wellbeing or is there even more? Where does inspiration, ideas, intuition come from? What does chaos have to do with it? Spiritually we become totally aware of the paradigm that chaos creates order and that there is order in chaos. A ‘mind-blowing’ idea.

The balance of the two principles lies in expanding the ‘Divine Connection’ – ‘God’s fulfilling power’- with Perfection at its core. A good definition of Transformation when we think of the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Levels of awareness

We are being supported by high spiritual and high physical awareness (thank God!)

Our spiritual awareness is obtained through Spiritual Insight/ Expansion of Self Awareness and Final Transformation. Its goal is to master perfection, to infuse us with powerful mysticism and to let us manifest the renewal of Spirit. It also induces a strong intuitive masculine (sexual) life-energy.

Our physical awareness is obtained through the Review of Life’s orientation and the Golden mean. Its goal is to have us intuitively create physical transformation, with deep healing at its core.


Our spiritual and physical awareness is further enhanced today by the connection with the 1st principle.

The spiritual triangle calls us to intuitively learn from karma, to manifest our self-awareness and to manifest expansion.

The physical triangle calls to intuit on the Involution and Evolution of Life and to show powerful Unconditional Love.

Our spiritual and physical awareness is also enhanced by the connection with the 6th principle.

Spiritually bringing out the “avant-gardist’ in us, who wants to show us the next level of being a Family or Clan, the divine version of both. Physically urging us to take a conscious decision to create transformation.


The spiritual and the physical level in this Pentagram are connected through the axis of Expansion of Self-awareness and the axis of Change-Transformation. It calls us to integrate these two levels of awareness. Its theme is that of the legend of Saint-Germain. Very fascinating.

Third Pentagram: mix-type 2: Duality; Intuition or Doubt?



No major themes (axis) today. The Pentagram it is all about integrating spiritual awareness.

Levels of awareness

Our spiritual awareness is high. It is obtained through ‘Unconditional Love’ and the ‘Factor of sacredness’.

It gives us the desire to intuitively ‘Know God’ and the desire to manifest the Divine Connection. In practical terms is means that we listen and act upon our intuition, our insights, our inspiration, our ‘hunches’ as opposed to listening to our conditionings.


Our spiritual awareness is further enhanced through the connection with the 1st principle.

It wants us to intuitively live the Feminine Eros, to physically manifest vitality and to show feminine goodness, benevolence, humility and beauty.

Special attention-Shadow work

In the top triangle of the Pentagram – the spiritual triangle- all the points have numbers, with even double 2’s, indicating the importance of those numbers for today.

Our universe originates from the “Chaos”, today represented by the number 101 (blue/red 01), Indicating that we have to “Bless” everything we encounter in our life even when it hurts. The Chaos brings us to “Unity”, with the number 12 (blue/red 122) indicating that our inspiration, our guidance comes from Perfection. We contact perfection through our “Duality”, with the number 23 (blue 22), indicating that our duality is experienced through intuitive Unconditional Love.

The challenge lies in bringing all this incredible spiritual energy into actual life, in order to show itself in the end in “Wisdom” – in the sense of the Descent from the Cross or the Death of the Ego-represented by the number 90 (red 0).

The first step to bring all this spiritual and mental energy into being, is by accepting and integrating our shadows. In our shadow the physical points in the pentagram (5,6 and 7) are activated. Do deep introspective moments this year and look at the things and persons that irritate you and through those find your shadows and work on them.

Photo credit: Alex Wheeler/Pexels

May 2021 bring you what you deeply wish!



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