Numerological day analysis of 24-1–2022 13/4 Renewal; Construction; Re-Birth/ Physical Realization, Daily practice

Inspired by your ability to go through the darkness to see the light of a new day, you want to bring Renewal and Re-birth to physical manifestation today. 

24-1–2022 13/4  Renewal; Construction; Re-Birth/ Physical Realization, Daily practice

Spirit:     24 Day and Night; Light and Dark

Soul:    1 First Emanation of Spirit; God’s number; Inspiration, Ability to lead

Body:    22 Mystic

The sum total of today is 13: Renewal leading to Physical Realization. You want to experience your renewal through your spirit’s ability to go through the night to see the light of a new day, your soul’s  inspiration and your body's mystical experiences.


One major theme drives your quest for renewal today: ‘Focus-Fate’

Blue 4- Red 222: The axis of Fate, Focus and Concentration

The expansion of self-awareness drives your Focus and your Fate. Focus means that you decide what you need to hold on to and what you need to let go of. If you do not do that you create Fate. The two driving principles are Insight and Karma coming from the emotional level to join with Unpredictable Intelligence coming from the mental level.

Insight and Karma

This is about using your Self-Awareness (your Sun) to lighten up the cold, empty space. On the emotional level it means that through the use of your self-awareness you gain Mastery over the consequences of your actions and those of others. It calls for a deep understanding and awareness on the consequences of your emotional actions.

Unpredictable Intelligence

Once Intuition hits Knowledge it gives an unpredictable intelligence. It gives you the correct intuitive way to handle the hard reality, again aiding you on how to focus and avoid fate in your life.

The balance of the two principles lies in their sum. On the axis of focus and fate you want to reach the higher dimension of your Free Will, possibly the place where you are able to say: My Will is Thou Will. The focus should feed itself through your telepathic and your revolutionary abilities.

Levels of awareness

Emotional awareness is high today. Your emotional awareness obtained through Insight and Karma  and Salvation. Its goal is that you intuit your potential of the high priestess of Eros, that you physically manifest the divine connection and that you show feminine perseverance and feminine awakening.


The emotional triangle formed in combination with the 1st  principle, gives you intuitive visionary powers.

Special attention:

There are no numbers on the feet, so staying connected to earth, staying ‘well-grounded’ may pose a problem. With all the spiritual energy of today wanting you to “lift off” it is very important to stay well grounded. So go for a walk or go dancing. Use and feel your feet to stay present.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2022. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) : 

(Nl) Werkgroep: 4 Februari 2022

(D) Arbeitskreis  11 Februari 2022

Photo credit: Hala Fouad

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