"Corona Virus" A short numerological explanation

One of our students Joep van Sonsbeek asked me about the name value of “Corona Virus”. There is this idea that numbers are a kind of shorthand writing for certain concepts. A bit like Chinese characters for writing.
The analysis of the words “Corona Virus”:

Corona: 190

1-90: Use the ‘Death of your Ego’ to lead and inspire

19-0: Let chaos and origin in to heal yourself and others

2×95: Intuitive Descending Prophet

5×38: Expanding Relationships

10×19/9th:  Transformative Healing


Virus: 283/62nd

2-83/24: Use your “Messiah factor” to become Intuitive

28-3: Take a conscious decision to go into your highest Feminine

/62nd prime: Knowing “God” on a higher level


Corona Virus: 473

4-73: Use your sense of the circle of life to manifest

47-3: Take a conscious decision to gain Insight and look at your Karma

11×43/15th: Masterful Pioneering

I’m not saying this is true or untrue. I use it to get inspired and reflect upon what is actually going on right now. Like: how much of my Ego is in this fear mongering, dare I listen to the inner prophet in me?, how do I keep my relationships going in a lock down? In which way can this lead to a transformational healing in my life? Do I dare to die in my current beliefsystem and be reborn, like the Messiah? Do I dare open up to my highest feminine – the creator of Life? Do I dare to know “God” or the divine?

Am I able to understand the circle of life underneath this pandemic and to I dare act on it? Do I dare to match my insights with my Karma (Do I dare look at my Karma?)

Can I master the pioneer in me?